Case Study

Stitch Fix Style Guide: Men

My Role
  • Lead Designer for Flickerbox
The Team
  • Amber Landl – Producer
  • Hamza Essaoui – Development Lead
  • 2017

Stitch Fix is a personal style service for men and women that evolves with its customers’ tastes, needs, and lifestyles. Stitch Fix hired us to help them launch their two Style Guides: one for women, one for men. These Style Guides are fashion blogs that provide fashion advice for customers and non-customers alike. Although the Guides gently encourage readers to get a “fix” (place an order for a customized delivery of clothes), the content of the Style Guides is open for the enjoyment and education of all visitors. Visitors are also able to reach out to a stylist with specific questions; some of these questions and answers are then developed into future blog posts.  


New brand, product, and customers

Previously, Stitch Fix had only offered its services to women. After we completed work on the women’s Style Guide, Stitch Fix hired us to help them launch the men’s Style Guide, which was scheduled to coincide with the announcement and launch of the services for men. We had two major tasks associated with this project: (1) to integrate the internal design team’s new brand design for the men’s services with the rest of the site; (2) to port the backend framework we’d created for the women’s Style Guide.

Getting a feel for the brand

We reviewed all of the new brand assets for the men’s brand with the Stitch Fix team. Although the brand had previously been created, it had only been applied to physical assets like shipping boxes, so our work included collaborating with the internal team to translate the existing brand work to the screen. We explored several approaches, taking care to avoid making the men’s Style Guide feel like a repainted version of the women’s Style Guide. We wanted each side to feel connected while remaining unique to their customers.

Brand explorations

It’s all in the details  

After we fine-tuned the brand direction, we dove into the details. With such great source material we could easily have gone overboard (and we did at times). We worked tirelessly to edit the elements down to their essence without losing the connection to the overarching brand. We also prioritized supporting the exciting content the Stitch Fix team was adding to the site. 

Early design directions and explorations

Ask a Stylist, men’s edition

As we did for the women’s Style Guide, we wanted the men’s Style Guide to feel inviting for readers to peruse and ask questions. We experimented with approaches for this critical piece of the site.  

The launch

After a hugely successful launch, website traffic and engagement have grown steadily.