Case Study


My Role
  • Lead Designer for Flickerbox
The Team
  • Amber Landl – Senior Producer
  • Hamza Essaoui – Development Lead
  • Cody Baker – Developer
  • 2017–2018

BlueJeans is a meeting platform for the modern workplace. Their video, audio, and conferencing tools enable easy collaboration. In late 2017, the market for collaboration tools began to become more competitive, and BlueJeans decided to refresh and refocus their marketing efforts to highlight their products.


How many blues do we need?

BlueJeans, one of the early pioneers in the collaboration tools space, had a well-known and approachable brand. They brought us in because they wanted fresh eyes on the brand: the corporate color palette contained too many similar colors, and some elements were inconsistent. BlueJeans didn’t want a complete rebrand, but rather to refresh and refocus their existing brand. 

Brand audit

Exploring new messaging and marketing

Our team collaborated with the BlueJeans team to find new ways to highlight the company’s top-level messaging and to better promote the company’s existing products and services. During our collaboration, we rapidly explored ways to evolve the company’s product marketing.

Early design directions and explorations

Keeping it simple

After much discussion, the team decided to simplify the brand and focus on the core products. We also wanted to focus on customer stories and highlight the great brands that were already using BlueJeans.

Improved sales and lead generation

Once the marketing and product offering was optimized we wanted to find ways to improve how we displayed deeper content and how that would affect the sales pipeline. We helped to create a system that enabled the team to surface resources on particular pages to increase their relevance and to improve conversion.  

A framework for continued success

Our goal for the brand refresh and design work was to build in a way that would allow the team to continue to expand and iterate their marketing while maintaining consistent central brand guidelines.  

An investment in the future

The internal team continues to revise the site to serve the ever-changing needs of the business.