Case Study


My Role
  • Lead Designer for Flickerbox
The Team
  • Amber Landl – Senior Producer
  • Hamza Essaoui – Development lead
  • Cody Baker – Developer
  • 2018

BetterUp’s mission is to help people discover greater purpose and passion at work. BetterUp approached us for a website redesign because they wanted site visitors to transition from viewing BetterUp as a simple e-learning/coaching platform to realizing that BetterUp is a platform enabling Human Capital Transformation within their organization. They also needed to add resources around the site to generate sales leads.


Starting with content

In partnership with the BetterUp team, we reorganized, reworked, and refined their existing content. The result was clear, scannable, and connected. We used wireframes to quickly evaluate and validate the effectiveness of these new content blocks. This step moved quickly and allowed the teams to see the content in context.

Retooling the brand  

The BetterUp brand team gave us a great starting point with their amazing custom photography, illustrations, and customer videos. From there we audited the entire brand for other existing work that we could leverage and for opportunities where we could add new assets that supported the updated brand.

Letting the customers validate the story

Because BetterUp already had a strong library of customer stories, we knew our design approach needed to support and elevate those customer voices. Our goal was to incorporate the product, the brand promise, and the customer validation into each page. We also added a way to thread sales resources and assets together seamlessly to create sales touchpoints that didn’t disrupt the design.  

Giving visitors the option to go deep

A large part of our effort went into creating a system to surface resources (both gated and un-gated) at just the right time. We wanted the resources, which included white papers, reports, and data sheets, to integrate with the brand and for the design to complement the content. 

Putting it all together

Working together, we assembled the new and existing content, the updated brand, and the existing customer stories, sparking a new and compelling story for BetterUp to present to the world. Sales assets were integrated in strategic and appropriate places to complement the content. The result was increased leads for the BetterUp sales team.